With our equipment you will be able to:

  1. a) To release all variety of types of cookies on one production line; quickly rebuild the shop for the production of cookies from one type to another;
  2. b) Expand the range by increasing the variety of forms, making cookies with filling, combining the masses with each other both before baking cookies, and after, gluing together with waffles, marshmallow, other masses. Variety can also be introduced by multicolored glazing, decorating with marmalade and dots, and not just with chocolate and strips (option).
  3. c) To get rid of manual labor almost completely, and to pay for equipment, incl. on saving wages.



  • sugar cookies
  • lingering cookies
  • Butter Cookies


Type: molding, rotary

Baking time: 4-10 minutes, varies depending on the type and weight of the product


Brief description of the line.

The line for the production of soft and hard cookies consists of the following sections and units:

  • Mill for grinding sugar powder – 1 pc.,
  • Mill for grinding waste – 1 piece,
  • A cooking boiler (inverter) and a storage tank – 1 pc.,
  • Oil heating boiler – 1 pc.,
  • Dough machine – 1 pc.,
  • SHEETER – Cylinder for feeding the dough – 1 piece,
  • Forming group – pieces,
  • A -Thermal Forming Machine – 1 pc.,
  • In-machine for forming dough in three rows – 1 piece,
  • Return of crumbs for reuse – 1 pc.,
  • Machine for grinding dough – 1 pc.,
  • Rotary and cutting machine – 1 pc.,
  • Feed conveyor – 1 pc.,
  • Direct heating furnace 1.2 x 24 m (on the grid) – 1 piece,
  • Product output transporter – 1 pc.,
  • Cooling group – 1 piece,
  • Packing line – 1 pc.