Halva production line

The universal line is intended for the production of halva in the assortment (sunflower, sesame, tahini, peanut, nut, combined), produces halva from purified and unrefined seeds or kernels.

The line consists of the main and auxiliary equipment.

The technology of halva production:

  1. Seed and kernel treatment.
  2. Preparation of halva:

– preparation of protein masses;

– cooking of caramel mass;

– preparation of decoction of soap root;

– knocking down caramel mass with decoction soap root;

– stirring halva;

– forming group;

– glazing (chocolate coating);

– packing group.

The line capacity, the occupied area and the number of maintenance personnel depend on the given productivity.

Depending on the capacity, the line is equipped with production automation systems, including an automatic molding line with a cooling tunnel, and an option for applying glaze.

The line consists of the following machines:

  • cooking and punching machine;
  • machine for halva stirring;
  • boiler for hand-beating halva;
  • press;
  • cutting machine;
  • trays for cooling (chrome, steel).

Another line-up or order of individual machines is possible.

For enterprises with high capacity, we offer automated lines with automatic molding and packaging lines.