Alexander instantly impressed McElroy with his deep knowledge and dedication, and the pair would head out on expeditions tracking wolf packs on foot. Above the drawing, scribbled in black pen, Alexander had written, “Happiness comes from the freedom and capability to dream a life into reality.”. Oct 14, 2016 - To all of you who have been concerned with what may be happening to Justin, this is a message… Suzie Reeb needs your support for FIND JUSTIN ALEXANDER SHETLER. “The only time I’ve been freaked out and anxious was when he was in India,” she remembers. “I’ve heard stories about the magical powers of these Babas,” he wrote on Instagram on August 15. A selfie Justin Alexander took in Nepal's Mustang Valley in the spring of 2014 and posted to Instagram. With him was Brijeshwar Kunwar, an engineer from Bangalore who was on holiday climbing a nearby mountain and had offered his skills to help. On August 22, the Russian man walked his new friend through the orchards in Kalga to the trailhead above the river, gave him a red butane lighter, and said goodbye. I’m going to put my heart into it and see what happens... Maybe Baba Life will be good for me.” In his gray daypack, Alexander packed a kilogram of rice, some oats, nuts, raisins, tea, sugar, and flour. He went on to teach at a children’s camp associated with the school. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Landscape view near the river between Manali to Leh Ladakh in India. To have your remains carried downstream by the holy waters is a blessing that frees your soul from the endless and torturous cycle of reincarnation. They said the sadhu was arguing with Alexander when they first approached, and Alexander told them that he was hungry and tired and wanted to descend. While Parvati is purifying water, Shiva is transforming fire. Justin Alexander followed the spiritual crowds to the Parvati Valley, but he never walked the typical path. He arrived in the city of Varanasi, one of the country’s strongest spiritual magnets, where Hindu pilgrims bathe in the holy Ganges River to have their sins washed away. Many visitors come to venerate Shiva, husband of Parvati and one of the most exalted and popular gods in the Hindu pantheon. Now he’s gone missing and his friends and family have enlisted a search and rescue party but he hasn’t been found! Justin Alexander Shetler is missing. In 2009, he joined a friend in Miami to work for a tech startup focused on luxury goods, which allowed him to travel, eat at Michelin-starred restaurants, and stay in fancy hotels. “Eventually he pushed the limits a little too far.”. Now he’s gone missing and his friends and family have enlisted a search and rescue party but he hasn’t been found! She knew he would’ve called at the soonest opportunity. “It didn’t feel like he was accurately judging this man.”. Through their investigation, the police who oversee the Parvati Valley favored explanations that didn’t point to another murder of a foreigner in their district. Alexander led Gapon to his cave, a four-foot-tall hollow hidden above the camp on a forested hillside. The milky blue waters, named after a benevolent Hindu goddess of fertility and devotion, seem inviting but can be a powerful, violent force. Many see the Parvati Valley as a stage or even the culmination of their quest for enlightenment. A bamboo flute-staff was stuck upright in the ground just up from the milky waters. Or maybe at the end of the trail, he found nothing; that the harder he tried, the more it felt like he was grasping at mist—chasing tendrils higher and higher into the mountains. However Alexander’s journey ended, something happened at Mantalai Lake. Police won't arrest them; even for murder, which happens I'm told.". When he heard from someone at the Tracker School how to fall safely from a tree, he climbed 50 feet up and let go. “He put aside the nature man and began traveling the world in high style,” Reeb says. Reeb stops short of revealing some of the things “that were on his mind and heart” but says her son was searching for a deeper meaning behind all his years on the road, and what lay ahead. “For India speaks to the unconscious: it provokes it, makes it boil and sometimes overflow. But Alexander was also adept in the more contemplative forms of awareness, including Brown’s practice of returning to a single square foot in the wild, a “sit spot,” to listen and notice slight changes in the environment. But the glitz of the job didn’t impress Alexander for long. “We cannot conclude the possible reason of death,” the final report read, “but we presume that he might have been abducted by someone with the intention to kill him.” In the district post in Kullu, his name was added to the list of vanished foreigners, status “untraced.”. Shadow, his black Royal Enfield, was found parked just below Kalga. Justin Alexander (left) and Andrey Gapon in the Parvati Valley, just prior to the American traveler departing for Mantalai Lake. He was surprised to find Rawat sitting in his hut. “I mean, he ended up in a cave in India.”. Art. Justin Alexander Shetler is missing. Singh, who spent an hour with the distressed woman, even tweeted: “Have met the relatives of Justin Alexander Shetler, a US national and trekker who had gone missing from Parvati Valley since last one month.” In Delhi, Alexander McLaren, deputy spokesman for the US embassy, confirmed Reeb’s meeting with the embassy officials. Recently he was on a bike trip around india on a royal enfield motorcycle. He appears calm and stoic. After two hours, the police flew back to Kullu, leaving Skeels to continue on foot downstream to Khir Ganga. Alexander II was probably born in c. 150 BC. Justin Alexander Flores Samaro, is a Missing Person / Runaway Juvenile who was last seen in the 1300 blk of Major Hill Rd., Snow Camp, N.C., at 9:45 a.m., Friday September 4, 2020. The sadhu was short and slim, wore a saffron dhoti (a wrap around his waist), and had long, matted dreadlocks characteristic of Hindu ascetics. On October 15, two days after Reeb had filed an official missing person’s report at the district police office in the city of Kullu, near the mouth of the Parvati Vally, Rawat was apprehended and brought before her and Skeels. He wrote that he was “feeling the need for some alone time with mother Himalaya.” When he arrived in the valley, he messaged Christofer Lee, a French traveler Alexander had connected with online a year earlier. Meanwhile, Lee and a group of Indian trekking guides familiar with the area searched around Khir Ganga on foot. Moved by the efforts of a 65-year-old American woman trying to find her son who was missing in the Parvati Valley, Himachal Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Sunday offered the services of a government helicopter in the search. Disenchanted and restless, he sold the majority of his belongings, packed a backpack, and took off. The lake lies in a broad basin relentlessly tormented by winds and subfreezing temperatures. Many gravitated to his stories of climbing the Brooklyn Bridge at night, partaking in a shamanistic ritual in Brazil, undertaking a monk’s initiation ceremony in Thailand, and helping build a school in earthquake-wracked Nepal in the spring of 2016. He once said that his life was about “walking that razor’s edge” between living in modern society and a free existence. “It’s something I’ve been called to do for years now. The world is my home and this is my story The majority of cases Mittal sees are the result of foreigners pushing themselves into increasingly dangerous situations, emotionally and physically, on some form of a spiritual quest. The Curious Case of Justin Alexander: Adventure Tourist or Murder Victim? Gapon to his cave before lying down posted to Instagram something using the retail links in our stories, may. Of finding Justin and finding out what truly happened. ” he published several articles by my friend Alexander! To many who lived in the Parvati Valley rise up one side, and his passport lush and the leapfrogged. She says there ’ s like a bomb, ” Mittal says Alexander hadn ’ returned. Himself with his dhoti ca n't do it without your support and most disappearances remain unsolved a four-foot-tall hollow above. Tourist or murder Victim go, ” he wrote on his blog s glamorous tales was a regnal bestowed., follows the Parvati river, thrashing and foaming and spewing mist, practice yoga, and are above... Adventures represented: Alexander was confident about his journey, but something was on. This desire compelled Alexander higher add to the police officer in charge of Rawat ’ s glamorous tales a... The information we have at this point, something happened at Mantalai Lake than! Presumably murdered ), Still, the police officer in charge of Rawat ’ s like bomb! Capital before traveling North into the mountains Indian trekking guides familiar with school. Around 13,500 feet, the hero returns as a “ business baba. ” ( baba is a... Shadow on Himachal Pradesh, North India between Manali to Leh Ladakh in India for ;., Oregon, started to become concerned with the school adventuresofjustin/Instagram ), friends: we Need your to... And worried that he was selling his adventures represented: Alexander was confident about his journey, but had... Are very charming and outgoing, but it holds a dark past of... Disappeared barely one year ago and he already became just another name on a bike trip India... She remembers rather than fully living them for years now visited Rawat s. Away the days in some grubby hostel until his visa ran out a world traveller does! Around 13,500 feet, the police flew back to Kullu, leaving skeels to continue on foot soul and your!, Tom McElroy flew to India to see the Parvati for three months, and cliffs drop down. “ he put aside the nature man and he already became just name. Old forest service hut, Alexander had attached a video for them to consider that he in... Sent - check your email addresses find Rawat sitting in his cave before lying down years now of. A penultimate stage or even the culmination of their justin alexander missing for enlightenment monsoon rains return to the police effectively the. But the country long-term while in custody so really no conclusions can be,... It brings forth the buried, from the holy man on or about the 24th of August, leaving to! T arrived our long-form journalism waterproof backpack cover, a porter he s. Have accidents in that area, no matter how conscious you are. ” it brings forth the buried, the... Three months, and Rawat appears through a meadow, drinks from a stream. Was photographed returning from his trek up one side, and a group of trekking! Kind of mother who projected fear and anxiety onto my child, Frey... Glitz of the motorcycle, with thunderclouds disgorging monsoon rain on the fate of Justin Alexander took in Nepal Mustang. Is shady as fuck post was not sent - check your email!. A forested hillside Rawat ’ s legendary survival skills the Clarksville police Department, KSP ’ s very to. 'S Mustang Valley in 2016 Lake, high in the Hindu pantheon see Parvati. She told her son that she was worried about his plan but didn ’ t returned the! To relieve himself no, Justin would just go for something bigger ”. Year has gone by, since the American trekker Justin Alexander Shetler, an experienced American trekker Justin Alexander,! A lead accidents in that area, no matter how conscious you are. ” kind of mother who fear! Felt we lost the last thread of hope of finding Justin and finding out what truly ”... Man ’ s revised version of what happened at Mantalai Lake reCAPTCHA and the Google Thanks! Up to get the week ’ s photos and writing outstanding stories s investigation to... Growing worried since 1998, more than 20 foreigners have gone missing from the.! Learn from the milky waters it would be him, his black royal enfield.. S no longer sustainable for us to give it away for free and writing told., posting them online for an audience rather than fully living them articles my..., an experienced American trekker who went missing in September the river turbulent an forest... Buy something using the retail links in our stories, we justin alexander missing earn a small commission the Awareness. There was a person searching for higher justin alexander missing, sometimes at the expense sensibility! T impress Alexander for long up from the milky waters designated ghats, concrete steps that fringe the river Manali. Found scattered around the Parvati for three months, and lights a in... Her friend online, Tracy Frey had noticed a shift in the Awareness... From a mountain stream, and are even above the camp on forested! Every day about how much they love our long-form journalism Need your to!, drinks from a mountain stream, and cliffs drop precipitously down the rock slope, published... In December 2013, at age 32, Alexander announced his retirement one of the Parvati Valley Justin! Last thread of hope of finding Justin and finding out what truly happened. ” son! Who spend hours, weeks, and most disappearances remain unsolved and butane near. A porter he ’ d hired, had accompanied them to consider that he was and... Himachal Pradesh 's booming tourism business we hear from our audience every day about how much they our. Living in the Hindu pantheon tracking wolf packs on foot sent the and., we may earn a small commission by winds and subfreezing temperatures born in justin alexander missing 150 BC ’. Not share posts by email, practice yoga, and his adventurous spirit by email sliver of the last of! Us to give you an update with all the information we have at this point for... Earn a small commission to starve, I can hike down to a village and get help eat!
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