Every Member is only entitled to hold one (1) AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Card and the review of the Membership Status will be based on the joining date (when they were issued with their cards) of the first AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Card which will supersede the BIG Membership joining or registration date. The accumulation of BIG Points does not entitle a Member to any vested rights. Only AirAsia Credit Cardholders with a BIG Platinum Membership Status who login as a BIG Member at www.airasia.com or the AirAsia mobile app to book for flights will qualify for Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, and Xpress Boarding at AirAsia’s operating locations. Adjustments will be made to the BIG Points accrued in the Member’s Account if there are any credit(s) or debit(s) posted to the Member’s Account, including those arising from returned goods or service fees from billing disputes. Any retrospective claim by a Member is strictly subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and Merchant’s terms and conditions and up to the maximum timeframe of sixty (60) days from the date of flight departure/flown. 5.  now to enjoy this in-flight privilege. Complimentary Pick A Seat. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions will be on the Website. 1. This may take up to fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the nomination(s) by BIG. BIG Points that are awarded as a one-time bonus for registering and/or joining the BIG Loyalty i.e. Take your trip to the next level with an exciting travel itinerary packed with handpicked activities, attractions, and things to do at over 150 destinations. The issuance of BIG Points to the Cardholder’s BIG Loyalty Membership account for spend transactions on the AirAsia DebitCard and/or AirAsia Credit Card (including the management Prior to the merging of multiple Accounts, BIG will perform authentication to verify that the BIG Member IDs belong to the same Member. No further changes to the Member’s EFM will be permitted thereafter during the same year. Now turn your BIG Points into your next adventure. Terms of Use. Upon the minor turning 18 years of age, he/she is deemed to have personally accepted all the terms and conditions for the Membership. In earning and accumulating BIG Points, Members understand that they may not rely on the continued availability of any award, premium, or other benefit. BIG Points are not awarded for promo fares or add on services related to promo fares. -->. Hence, for avoidance of doubt, the time period for BIG Points to be credited and reflected in your Account varies from Merchant to Merchant and will depend on the respective Merchant themselves. Qualifying Flown Sectors are not earned for the following: Black Membership status also includes Members who have been personally invited by BIG following internal review and approval. And instead of having to take 24 flights to gain status, as a new AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Platinum credit cardholder, you'll instantly enjoy the BIG Platinum Membership benefits. In such circumstances, any accumulated BIG Points shall be forfeited and we shall cancel your Membership, your BIG Member ID and, your participation in the BIG Loyalty. The retention or use of your AirAsia Debit Card and/or AirAsia Credit Card after the effective date of any variation, amendment, revision, substitution or change to the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such variation, revision or change without reservation by you. The final discretion to award BIG Points on any retrospective claim rest solely with BIG. *ROKKI 2MB Chats Plan is available on selected AK flights and can be used for WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kakao Talk & Viber apps only. Sorry, you have either entered an invalid email, password or both. BIG gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the products offered for redemption or their suitability or fitness for any purpose; BIG assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any claims, losses, costs, expenses or damages of whatever nature resulting from the redemption of any of the rewards by Members; Information supplied for the redemption of rewards under the Redemption Programme may be used by BIG or the service establishment that provides the rewards for its/their administrative, public relations and marketing purposes; All rewards redeemed are subject to the availability and any restrictions may apply as to where and when the rewards can be redeemed (please note that BIG or service establishments may impose the restrictions accordingly); Any additional meals, transportation or accommodation or other arrangements made in connection with any reward redeemed under the BIG Loyalty  will be the sole responsibility of the Member; Redemption or issuance of reward voucher(s) (if applicable) does not constitute a reservation with the said service establishments. You agree that the monitoring and/or recording may be done and that no additional notice to you or additional approval from you is required. You irrevocably consent to the sharing and disclosure of your personal information (including details related to your Membership, Account, BIG Member ID, BIG Points, transactions and any details under the BIG Loyalty ) to BIG, AirAsia, Tune Money and each of their respective group companies, related corporations, affiliates, subsidiaries, associates; and BIG’s, Tune Money’s and AirAsia’s licensees, vendors, service providers, merchants, strategic partners, any third party contractors, within and beyond Malaysia (as further stated in BIG’s Privacy Policy). BIG Member who is also an AirAsia BIG Credit/Debit Co-Brand Cardholder will automatically be placed under Platinum/Gold Membership Status (as applicable) by default upon the launch of the revamped FFP by BIG (to be determined at its sole discretion). You must be a member of the AirAsia BIG loyalty program. Notwithstanding the foregoing, advance notice of any change may not be given if it is necessary to make any such change immediately. If we do not have your personal information or you choose not to disclose or share any information that we may require, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide the services and benefits under the BIG Loyalty to you, and we will not be obliged, responsible or held liable for the failure to provide the same (and/or any disputes in relation thereto). Visit us at our on-ground events and travel fairs. (i) The principal cardholders who have activated theirAirAsia Creditcard are qualified for an instant upgrade to BIG Platinum Membership Status.Principalcardholders of the AirAsia Credit Card with a BIG Platinum Membership Status mustlogin as a BIG Member at www.airasia.com or the AirAsia mobile app to book for flights in order toqualify for Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, and Xpress Baggageat AirAsia’s operating locations. 4. Long haul flight(s) including fly-thru are counted as two (2) Qualifying Flown Sector(s). Redemption for Eligible Family Members (“EFM”). You hereby agree that if we take legal proceedings against you because of a default in the terms of this Agreement, you shall be liable to pay to us all legal costs (including costs on a solicitor and client basis), charges and expenses which we may incur in enforcing or seeking to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement against you. AirAsia reserves the absolute right to vary, delete or incorporate any additions to these Terms and Conditions (wholly or in part) from time to time without any prior notice to cardholders. During the application process, you will be required to verify your email address. We shall NOT accept any notification of addresses' (business, office, residential or correspondence address) bearing a Post Box ("P.O. Sign Up 0% Flexi Payment Plan up to 12 months to take all your worries away. Pack More. Pros - good working environment, amenities, facilities. Platinum Members You can be upgraded to this status as long as you fly with AirAsia at least 24 times per annum and you will enjoy up … BIG will not be responsible for any delay in the posting of the transactions and/or the accrual of the BIG Points. BIG Fixed Points lets you redeem flights at up to 70% discount based on your flight’s travel time. If you do not accept the proposed variation, amendment, revision, substitution or change, you are entitled to terminate the use of your AirAsia Debit Card and/or AirAsia CreditCard by contacting PermataBank, and the provisions relating to termination in accordance with Permata Bank’s terms and conditions shall apply. Follow these steps to redeem your free 2MB Chats Plan on board: Enjoy movies, tv shows, music, games and articles, all for free! Currently, these levels only determine how many points you earn, but there are no other perks, like priority check-in or boarding associated with these levels. If unused after the specified date, the reward vouchers/letters of redemption will lapse and no longer be valid and will not be replaced. When a Member redeems his BIG Points for any redemption items (including but not limited to AirAsia flights), BIG will proceed to deduct the stipulated number of BIG Points required for the said redemption item from the Member’s Account and will hold the BIG Points (for a period as deemed necessary by BIG) until the full payment for the said redemption item (including any balance of payment for the redemption item and taxes that may be due to BIG and/or the respective Merchant) is completed by the Member and a successful payment confirmation is provided by the respective Merchant to BIG. To check your accumulated number of BIG Points, you can log on to www.airasiabig.com or view it on the BIG Loyalty mobile app. BIG Points can only be redeemed after being reflected in the Member’s Account. Any BIG Points suspected to be fraudulently recorded; Any BIG Points relating to a transaction which is or has been cancelled. Positive environment with “Dare To Dream” spirit that made you will keep striving forward - travel benefits (16 free coupon + 90% discount on all flight), insurance *Applicable for full time only. We shall be entitled from time to time to contact you via electronic transmission (including, but not limited to email communication, telex, fax), short messaging services (‘SMS”), or via telephone correspondence, and any other means of exchange communication in respect of, but not limited to, the confirmation of transactions, whether or not you transacted the same, status of your Membership, your Account, BIG Points, and communication on promotions with regards the BIG Loyalty. (ii)Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding and Xpress Baggage are subject to availability and only available at limited/selected airports. No matter who you are, flying more with AirAsia is a rewarding experience. By registering under the BIG Loyalty, you warrant and represent that: All the personal information provided by you to us is true, correct and complete; you acknowledge and agree that in order for us to provide the services and privileges under the BIG Loyalty , to manage your Account, and to enable you to participate in the BIG Loyalty , the sharing, transfer, retrieval, updating and processing of your personal information and data as well as creation of member profile and user accounts may occur between BIG, AirAsia, and each of BIG and AirAsia’s  respective group companies, related corporations, affiliates, subsidiaries, associates, and BIG’s, licensees, vendors, service providers, merchants, strategic partners, any third party contractors, within and beyond Malaysia (as further stated in BIG’s Privacy Policy), and that you have read, understood and consented to the processing of your personal information for the purposes of the same and accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and in connection with your Membership under the BIG Loyalty , and they are binding on you. In addition, any BIG Points earned and/or issued in the BIG Member’s account including the balance BIG Points remaining therein up to 31st May 2019 will remain valid for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of issuance of such BIG Points and it will automatically expire and forfeited from the BIG member’s account at the end of 36th consecutive month thereafter. *Terms and conditions apply. BIG Rewards Membership Terms & Conditions. Membership Status demotion will be reflected in the system by the 15th day of the subsequent month. The AirAsia Privileges and Benefits stated herein may not applicable with any other on-going AirAsia offers, privileges, benefits, campaigns or promotions offered and/or operated solely by AirAsia or in conjunction with any of its partners, including other co-brand partners. These Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the AirAsia Privileges and Benefits. Find out more about our app, the Freedom Flyer Programme, our sales and discounts and more! BIG reserves the right to change, at any time without prior notice, the number of BIG Points and where applicable, the number of BIG Points plus Ringgit value that are required to be redeemed for any of the items provided under the AirAsia BIG Redemption programme. BIG will not be responsible for any delay in the posting of the transactions and/or the accrual of the BIG Points. Earn BIG Points when you book a hotel, rent a car,  visit attractions, or partake in leisure activities with our Travel partners on your next trip. BIG, AirAsia and/or Tune Money shall also be entitled to send you offers, promotional and marketing material with regards the BIG Loyalty from time to time.  now to enjoy this in-flight privilege. Get to know BIG Loyalty and everything about it with this list of frequently asked questions. In the event of multiple Accounts held by Member, he/she may request BIG to transfer his/her BIG Points between these multiple Accounts. Earn BIG Points for the best value of your money with special promotions and offers by our partners. We shall also be entitled to disclose and you irrevocably consent to our disclosure of any information pertaining to you, your Membership, your Account, your BIG Member ID, your BIG Points and any other information relating to you under the BIG Loyalty to any regulatory authority or governing body established by any authority having jurisdiction over us. You shall at all times keep all your passwords and security codes, security questions, security answers (including but not limited to those used for verification and authorization purposes and for access into your Account) secret and you shall use all reasonable precautions to prevent disclosure of the same to any unauthorized person, or third party. Members are not allowed to have multiple Accounts and enrolment of several persons in a single Account is also not allowed. (ii)Only accessible by the cardholderafter activation of the AirAsia Credit Card (upon linkage of cardholder'sAirAsia CreditCard to his/her BIG Loyalty membership account). From long, exciting adventures to the simplest daily necessities, there are many ways to easily earn BIG Points. A Member may redeem BIG Points for an EFM, on the following basis: AirAsia BIG Members can change or remove EFM’s in their redemption group ONCE A YEAR regardless of the number of EFM’s changed or removed. If any of the provisions of this Agreement becomes or is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, rule or regulation, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall not be affected, and all other provisions of this Agreement will still be valid and enforceable and this Agreement shall be interpreted as if the invalid terms had not been included in this Agreement. Sign Up AirAsia Credit cardholders automatically qualify for the AirAsia BIG Platinum status for the first year of card issuance which means you will be able to check-in first using designated counters where available, and then be one of the first to board the plane with Priority Boarding. Click Update details followed by BIG Points, Input your BIG Member ID and Submit, click Lookup ID if you don't remember your ID. 3. 3. Be at the front of the line and board first. You shall hold us harmless and indemnify us against any liability for loss, damage, costs and expenses (legal or otherwise including all costs on a solicitor and client basis) which we may incur by reason of the provisions herein or in the enforcement of our rights hereunder. In the event the investigations and verifications conducted by us reveal that the disputed transaction(s) (BIG Points accumulated) were accurate, you shall be liable to indemnify us against all the other costs, expenses & charges that we may incur in the verification processes of the disputed transactions/BIG Points accumulated. There are four (4) Membership status (“Status”) under AirAsia BIG Loyalty’s Frequent Flyer Programme. FREE introductory inflight WiFi.